Photos by Shanor

      My passion is to capture life and the beauty  that surrounds me in my pictures, whether here in Florida where I have lived since 1982 or wherever my travels take me around the world. 


   My Husband encouraged me to take a beginners coarse in Photography in 1991. I began with a simple, but reliable Pentax K1000 manual 35mm film camera that I still use today. From the Beginners class on to Special Topics and Advanced Classes, learning the many facets of photography has shown me how much I love capturing life at it best.


   I love to travel. Be it exploring the world or the state I live, there are so many wonderful things to photograph.  And even when I can not travel, there is always a wondrous adventure right in our own backyard.


    I would like to thank the people closest to me in my life for your support and continued encouragement.


First my Parents, who gave me life and taught me to appreciate life.


My husband Glenn who has always encouraged me to try new things and has supported me along the way.


I would also like to thank my two sons, Richard and Jason and their family's for their inspiration and patients as models.


And last but not least Howard Stickler and Denise Russell, my teachers and mentors.  They are the ones that have shown me the way to capture the beauty I see around me on film..

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